Cloud Data Archive

What is Data Archiving – Pros and Cons

Data archiving is the process of moving inactive or infrequently accessed data from primary storage systems to secondary storage or …
Latest Technologie Enterprise Data Storage

Latest Technologies in Enterprise Data Storage

The storage sector is undergoing a profound transformation. This is driven by various factors – such as security, speed, efficiency …
HDD Overview

Lifetime of Storage Media – HDD, DVDs, CDs, & Co.

How long can data on hard disks, DVDs and CDs be read? Your digital photos on HDD or music on …
Cloud Storage vs On Premise Storage - Comic Style

A Guide to Hybrid Storage Solutions: Combining On-Premises and Cloud Storage

Hybrid Storage Solutions combine “On-Premises and Cloud Storage to provide an optimal data storage solution for businesses. The “Hybrid Storage …
Computer Harddrive

Will there soon be a 100 TByte Harddrive?

Digitization leads to rapid growth in data volumes, especially for servers, storage systems, and archiving solutions in data centers. European …

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