If you are in a thirst for finding headgear that is comfortable, modern, wireless, and has brand recognition satisfaction, your search should end up here.

Sony’s award-winning 4th generation WH-1000M4 headphone is the perfect and the right pick for any song and game lover, who wants to listen to it in style and smoothly.

Sony WH-1000M4

Body Design

Fold in Style

Sony WH-1000M4 comes with an extremely ergonomic and advanced body style with an amazing folding position, as they called it Swivel foldable structure.

It comes in a compact carry case in which they are easily adjustable as the ear cups have a great folding position which turns in the whole body into a curvy fold neatly. The folding is smooth and durable which left no harm to the hinges and makes no sound.

Extremely Comfortable Cups

Made with extremely high-grade super soft foams, providing exceptional comfort. No matter for how long you wear it, it does not create any irritation or pain to the ears, and feels like you are not even wearing them.

The pressure distributes over the ears evenly making it an easy to wear item for the long run.

Go Wireless

The headgear comes with a wireless easy with up to 30 hours of battery time, providing tension-free non-stop music on long trips.

It also gives an opportunity to have a 5 hour of battery charging capacity in just 10 minutes, making it more powerful compared with the competitors.

Amazing In-Built Features

Active Noise Cancellation

Sony WH-1000M4 is built with the most advanced noise cancellation technology in headgear out there.

The latest technology uses two microphones in each cup connected to the noise cancellation processor QN1 along with a Bluetooth audio SoC chip to remove noise whether it is generated by the hair, glasses, and other things or atmospheric pressure.

This provides a smooth and ambient sound on the ground as well on high altitude.

Voice Assistance

Another handy feature of WH-1000M4 is the voice assistant as it is associated with Google Assistant and Alexa. All you need is to say “Ok Google” and WOAH.

You will also have access to control your calls, music, notifications, and much more.

Two Devices Together

It was an imagination before to connect a single headgear with two multiple devices, but sony has made it true.

WH-1000M4 gives you the freedom to connect two devices together like two phones or a phone and a PC.

This feature is too much convenient for people doing multiple works or attending meetings along with enjoying their music at the same time.

More Control

The proximity sensor makes this device smarter so it can detect what you are actually in need of. This amazing headgear actually knows if you are wearing it or not.

As soon as you remove the headphone the playback music will automatically stop and will start again as soon as you wear them again just to save the battery to drain when it is not in use.

Another interesting thing is that if you suddenly need to listen to someone just place your hand over the cup and the playback will be paused and will start when you remove the hand. 

Moreover, if it detects you speaking something it will also pause the music so you can have some words with anyone.

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