What to do when your PS4 controller keeps disconnecting

PS4 Controller Connected to PS4 Console PS4 Controller Connected to PS4 Console What steps should be taken when a PS4 controller continually disconnects?

Mostly Successful Solution:

Initially, attempt to resynchronize the controller. This process should temporarily restore the connection, enabling you to save your game before performing a system reboot.

Why does PS4 controlle disconnectfrom PS4?

Although it might be amusing to attribute the PS4 controller’s disconnection issues to mischievous gremlins, a range of factors could be responsible. Interference with wireless signals, problematic firmware, or standard wear and tear are all potential causes.

Regardless of the specific issue, several strategies can be employed to remedy the problem and restore the connection between the controller and PS4.

Resynchronization and Reset the PS4 Controller

Before resorting to a console restart and risking unsaved progress, try resynchronizing the controller. This quick fix requires only a USB cable.

Connect the controller to the PlayStation using the cable, then press and hold the PS button to prompt resynchronization with the system. If successful, your connection should be restored, allowing you to save your game and continue playing.

If the controller fails to reconnect using the PS button, power off your console. With the console switched off and the controller disconnected from the USB, locate a small paperclip (or a similar object) to reset the controller.

Insert the paperclip into the Reset hole adjacent to the L2 button (on the back of the controller near the L2 button), holding the internal button down for several seconds.

Then, reconnect the controller to the console using the USB cable and restart the system. The controller should resynchronize during startup, resolving the issue.

Console Restart PlayStation Safe Mode: Press and Hold Power Button

If resetting the controller is unsuccessful and connection issues persist, a comprehensive console restart may be necessary. This process is straightforward, albeit slightly more time-consuming.

With the PlayStation 4 powered off, press and hold the power button until two beeps are heard: the first upon initial button press and a second beep after approximately 8 to 10 seconds. After the second beep, disconnect the console from its power source.

Leave the console unplugged for a few minutes, allowing it to cool down, reset, and perform other electronic processes. Next, reconnect the power cable and reattach the controller to the console using the USB cord. Upon restarting the console, the controller should resynchronize.

Additional Troubleshooting

If none of the previous solutions resolve the issue and the controller continues to disconnect from the PS4, either the controller or the system may be the source of the problem.

Obtain another PS4 controller, either your own or borrowed, and connect it to your system; use the PS button resynchronization method detailed above. Spend some time playing as usual to determine whether the disconnection issues persist.

If the controller remains connected, the original controller is likely defective and may require replacement. This presents an opportunity to acquire a desired new controller.

If disconnection issues continue regardless of the controller used, the problem most likely lies with the console itself.

Contact customer support for assistance; if your system is still under warranty, they should be able to rectify the issue and restore functionality to your wireless controllers.

For further help, visit the Fix & Replacement page, contact PlayStation’s Twitter @askPlayStation, or call 1-800-345-7669.

PS5 Upgrade Considerations

If basic troubleshooting fails to resolve the problem and a service repair proves too costly, you may want to evaluate the possibility of upgrading to Sony’s latest console, the PS5.

Currently, new PS4 consoles and controllers are not in production, so obtaining a replacement might be an expensive endeavor. Instead, consider allocating those funds toward securing a PS5 restock. This cutting-edge console is equipped with backward compatibility, enabling you to enjoy virtually all PS4 games on the new system.

Investigating Wireless Interference If your controller continues to experience disconnections, you may want to check for possible sources of wireless interference. Common household devices such as routers, cordless phones, microwaves, or other wireless electronics can disrupt the connection between the controller and the console.

To eliminate interference, try moving these devices away from your gaming setup, or reposition the PS4 itself.

Updating Firmware Another potential solution to persistent disconnection issues is ensuring that both your console and controller firmware are up-to-date. Navigate to the PS4’s settings menu and select “System Software Update” to check for available updates.

Additionally, with the controller connected via USB, access the settings menu and select “Devices” followed by “Controllers” to verify the controller’s firmware version. Update the firmware if necessary, as outdated software can lead to connection problems.


If your PS4 controller continues to disconnect, a variety of troubleshooting methods can be employed to resolve the issue, including resynchronization, console restart, and investigating potential sources of wireless interference.

If all else fails, consider upgrading to a PS5 or contacting customer support for further assistance.

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