Core GMS Packages (GMS) – Google Mobile Services

The Core GMS Packages for Huawei Android phones. These packages refer to Google Mobile Services (GMS) core components that are typically pre-installed on Android devices that are certified by Google, including Huawei phones.

However, due to trade restrictions imposed by the US government, Huawei phones released after May 2019 do not have access to Google’s apps and services, including the GMS core components.

This means that users of these phones may not be able to access popular Google apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube, among others, unless they install alternative apps or use workarounds such as sideloading.

Solution: Install Google Core GMS Packages on Huawei Phone with APK Sideload

If you want to use Google Apps and Services on your Huawei Chinese phone, you need to access the Google Play Store. So we will show you how to install the Google Core GMS Packages on a Chinese Huawei Phone with APK Sideload!

Note: Even if you leave China, you won’t be able to use Google Apps and Services on a Chinese phone because the restriction is built into the Chinese firmware.

That’s why it’s a good idea to follow this guide on how to install Core GMS packages if you have a Chinese device.

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How to Install Core GMS Packages on Huawei Android Phone to Access Google Apps

If you own a Huawei Chinese phone and want to use Google apps, you can follow these steps to install Core GMS packages:

1) Download the Core GMS package APK file from this website onto your Huawei Chinese phone.

2) Unzip the downloaded file and install it on your phone.

3) Once the GMS packages are installed, your phone may prompt you to update your Google Play Store.

If you are living in China, you may need to use a VPN to update your Google apps.

Even after installing the Core GMS packages, you may still encounter some issues from time to time. To avoid this, it is recommended to keep your Google Play Store and services updated.

That’s it! You can now use Google Play Store and services on your Huawei Chinese phone. If you found this guide helpful, please leave a comment below.

Prerequisites to install Google Core GMS Packages on an Android Phone

To install Google Core GMS Packages on an Android phone, there are a few prerequisites that need to be met:

1) The Android device must be running a compatible version of Android. Typically, the device must be running Android 7.0 Nougat or higher.

2) The Android device must have an unlocked bootloader. This allows you to modify the device's firmware.

3) You need to have a custom recovery installed on the Android device. This allows you to flash the GMS package onto the device.

4) You need to have the Core GMS package ZIP file downloaded onto your computer or directly onto your Android device.

Note: Some Android devices may have specific requirements or limitations that must be met before you can install the GMS packages.

Installing GMS packages on an Android device may void the device’s warranty and could potentially cause the device to malfunction or become unstable – it’s important to proceed with caution and only install GMS packages from reputable sources.

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