If you are a gamer and in search of a gaming mouse that should fit in your hand, have high speed
with extreme accuracy, with a couple of extra buttons

To give you extra control and enhance the gaming experience, you should take a break and see this one of the most advance and modern gaming mice by Glorious.

It surely is the love of all the MMOs and MOBAs players out there.



The Glorious model D gaming mouse comes with some outstanding practical design considering
lightweight as the top attribute, with only 69gm of weight in total.

The Glorious model D has a lighter-weight plastic body with matt coating making it more advanced in look with honeycomb cutouts over the palm rest, helping to improve the airflow and also giving extra grip.


Model D wireless mouse by Glorious offers extra buttons for ease and more control. With a total
of 6 buttons all around, you have the independence to assign any button for profile switching,
multimedia control, CPI adjustments, and other commands.


Another prominent characteristic offered in model D is the RGB lightning placed sufficiently on
both sides of the mouse and on the scroll button as well. It comes with 3-zone fully
customizable RGB lighting. Along with that, the logo printed on the left side and Glorious
crafted on the other side enhance the classy look of this cool mice.


Along with the state-of-the-art design Model D mice have some most astonishing and advanced
tech features fulfilling the modern-day requirements of the gamers

Battery Life

Claiming to have a long battery life with up to 71 hours (with RGB off) of nonstop gaming
experience distinguishes Glorious Model D from other traditional mice out there. Along with
that, it offers a charging cable to convert it into a wired mouse if you need more battery life
without any interruption

Latency and Connectivity

Model D by Glorious is considered to be one of the best mice when it comes to latency. Provides
a silky smooth response with no lagging and 2.4 GHZ connectivity, making it more responsive
and preventing double-clicking.

BAMF Sensor

With a programmable 19,000 DPI, 400 IPS tracking speed, and up to 1000 HZ polling rate the
BAMF sensor used in Model D provides an ultra-sharp and pinpoint precision to deliver an
amazing gaming experience.


The Glorious Model D mouse is introduced with 4 G-skate mouse gliders, which work
awesomely smooth on desktops as well as mouse pads. The gliders used in Model D produce a
very minor sound of scratching on the desktop surface and are totally silent on any mouse pad.

What’s in the Box:

The box contains the following

  • Glorious model D Wireless Mouse
  • User Documentation
  • USB Extender
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Extra Mouse fee

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