When it comes to choosing a gaming PC, everyone has their own version of imagination. Some want it pre-built and some go with customizing it from scratch according to their need and style.

A great gaming pc is one which is easy to go with the pocket and comes with great power, precision, speed, and beauty which provides the best satisfaction thus, Alienware Aurora R15 is one of those powerful machines a passionate gamer can dream of.

Outer Body Design


As always Alienware has its own classic look and this one fits in the traditional design as well. Comes in two colors white “lunar light” and black “dark side of the moon” they named it.

More of a spaceship look the round chassis is built with steel to give a stronghold with hexagonal front vents along with the alien symbol on top.


The board is adjusted in a way that it provides a lot of port access at the back including
Smart Power Ports:

● SPDIF Digital Output
● RJ-45 Killer™ E3100 Gigabit Ethernet
● Surround sound outputs
● USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C (20Gbps) Along with front access of
● USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports. (1x) USB 3.2 Gen 1 port with PowerShare technology
● USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C with Power-Share technology
● Headphone/ Line Out

RGB Lights

Aurora R15 comes with sleek and modest lighting called moonlighting and is fully customizable at one’s choice.

Spread from the front grill to the inside of the machines provides a graceful and decent look.

Inside Specs

Advanced Intercooler

Aurora R15 comes with one of the most advanced thermal systems out there. It comes with a 240mm radiator along with 5 120mm fans adjusted inside.

For maximum efficient ventilation to keep the interior cool!

Performance Parameters

Offering Intel Core 13th Gen processor to push the gaming limits to the next level of experience along with 32GB of DDR5 RAMs which are also upgradeable.

Undoubtedly Alienware Aurora R15 is a beast machine with a super graphic card RTX 4090 and pro gamers know what it sounds and feels like.

Another modest thing is the fuel power-hungry configuration setup with 80 PLUS platinum PSU to make it more precise, accurate, and powerful.

Silent Beast

Although this super machine comes with intercoolers, radiators, and a couple of fans, still it will not be wrong if we say it a silent beast.

With 5 120mm fans two in front, one on the rare wall, and two on the radiator it is one of the most silent systems with beautiful colored lights on the fans to enhance the beauty.


With amazing power, the best thermal cooling system, powerful boards, a practical ventilation process, a sleek design, and the brand guarantee this machine is a real beast promising to give the best ever graphic experience with, speed, accuracy, and precision.

Supporting Intel high performance processors and AMD Radeon RX graphic technology made this machine a top-notch gaming PC.

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James R. Kindly

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