Addressing a Critical Security Vulnerability

The introduction of Elementor Pro’s 3.11.7 version for WordPress brings a critical fix for a security vulnerability that potentially enables cybercriminals to perform WordPress operations with administrative privileges.

Elementor Pro and WooCommerce Plugin Interaction

When the Elementor Pro plugin is used in conjunction with the WooCommerce plugin on a website, it allows authenticated users, including those assigned the “Subscriber” or “Customer” roles, to modify various WordPress settings on the site.

This information comes from the security firm Patchstack, who discovered the vulnerability. The security issue stems from an AJAX action within Elementor Pro that does not have proper permission checks in place. Versions 3.11.6 and earlier of Elementor Pro are susceptible to this security breach.

Potential Consequences of Insufficient Permission Control

Due to the lack of appropriate permission control, a nefarious attacker can enable the registration page, if it is currently disabled, and modify the standard user role to an Administrator.

This grants the attacker the ability to create a new account with admin rights. With these elevated privileges, the attacker may redirect the website to a malicious domain or execute other damaging activities, such as installing harmful plugins or implementing a backdoor, further compromising the site’s security.

Importance of Updating to Elementor Pro 3.11.7

The latest Elementor Pro 3.11.7 update addresses this vulnerability. As the flaw is already being exploited in the wild, Patchstack emphasizes the importance of a prompt update, as detailed in their analysis of the issue.

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