If you’re working with Oracle Node Manager, you may encounter an error message that reads “WLSTException: Cannot connect to Node Manager [Security:090479].”

This error can prevent you from starting or stopping managed servers, and it can disrupt the administration of servers and applications in your WebLogic domain.

About Oracle Manager

Oracle Node Manager is the tool that enables the administration of servers and applications in a WebLogic domain. It is responsible for starting and stopping managed servers, and it can automatically restart a failed server instance.

Node Manager operates independently of the WebLogic Server instances, and it runs as a separate Java process on a different machine than the server instances it manages. This separation of duties enables better security and high availability for the managed servers.

By using Node Manager, administrators can manage their WebLogic domain remotely, and they can monitor and control the health of the servers and applications from a centralized location.

FIX: WLSTException: Cannot connect to Node Manager [Security:090479]

Are you experiencing issues with your Oracle Node Manager? If you’re seeing the error message “[Security:090479] Certificate chain received from localhost – failed date validity checks,” don’t worry.

There’s a simple fix, described in Oracle Support Note 2901612.1.

To resolve the issue, you’ll need to first disable SSL between the Node Manager and the Admin Server:

  1. Open the “nodemanager.properties file” and change the “SecureListener line” – from “true” to “false”.


2. Afterwards edit the start script, and and change the nmType at the end from “ssl” to “plain”:

nmConnect(userConfigFile=nmconfig, userKeyFile=nmkey, host='localhost', port=nodemanagerport, domainName=domainname, domainDir=domainlocation, nmType='plain');

3. Last step is to restart everything, including any remaining Node Manager processes and potentially even your operating system. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a newer version of WebLogic Server.


If security is a top priority, you have a couple of options. You can apply a patch, renew the certificate, and deal with the headache of the old WebLogic Server’s expected key length being much shorter than the key length of the new certificate.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to either version 12.2 or 14 for better security and improved functionality. The choice is yours, and it depends on your specific needs and circumstances.

WLSTException: Cannot connect to Node Manager [Security:090479]

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