Oracle SQL is a programming language that has been specifically designed to manage data stored in RDBMS databases. Oracle SQL has been widely adopted by organizations around the world for managing large amounts of data efficiently.

In this blog post – I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Oracle SQL for data management.


Centralized Management System and Control

Oracle SQL enables the central management and control of data through a repository of tables. A database administrator (DBA) can create users – assign permissions – modify existing data – delete redundant information – and process management queries.

The central storage of data allows you to easy share and access different applications; which eliminates data entry and storage redundancy.

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Standardization Oracle SQL

Oracle SQL is standardized and consistent across different implementations. SQL was first standardized by ANSI in 1986 and ratified in 1987 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which remains its standardization body.

This ensures that this language remains uniform across different implementations and platforms.

Efficient Management of Large Amounts of Data

Oracle SQL has powerful querying capabilities for data analysis and manipulation – what makes it easy for you to manage and work with large amounts of data.

With its ability to efficiently perform complex queries – data can also be retrieved and analyzed in real-time – providing insights into business operations.


Inability to Perform Recursive Processing

SQL lacks looping constructs that are common in other high-level programming languages, such as C and Java. This means that SQL cannot execute recursively, which is a type of computer function or program where one of the steps of a program repeats the entire program or procedure.

Without looping constructs, there is no way to define repeating loop constructs in SQL.

Incompatibility and Complexity

One of the biggest disadvantages of Oracle SQL is data inconsistency and incompatibility in the areas of time and date syntax, string concatenation, and case sensitivity.

Many people will find this language very complex, with a keyword approach in the structure – similar to COBOL (Common Business-oriented language) – but with less syntax and grammar.

Limited Functionality

SQL is a domain-specific or special-purpose language, and its use is limited to a particular program domain. SQL statements are operated on tables and record – such as personnel and accounting tables in databases.

SQL is a declarative domain-specific language – it is limited to the tabular representation of data.

Pros & Cons at a Glance

  • Centralized management system and control
  • Standardization and consistency across different implementations
  • Easy sharing and access of centrally stored data by different applications
  • Efficient management of large amounts of data
  • Powerful querying capabilities for data analysis and manipulation
  • Inability to perform recursive processing
  • Data inconsistency and incompatibility in certain areas
  • Complex language structure and syntax
  • Limited functionality, mainly focused on tabular data representation
  • High cost of ownership for enterprise-level deployments


Oracle SQL is a powerful tool for managing data in RDBMS databases. Its centralized management system and control, standardization, and limited functionality make it a popular choice for many organizations.

However, its inability to perform recursive processing, incompatibility and complexity, and limited functionality are some of its disadvantages that users should be aware of.

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